Unlike most home Internet connections, the mobile Internet is often charged according to how much you use it. FishText quickly discounted the conventional, wasteful techniques for sending and receiving data over the Internet, used by many other mobile applications. Instead, powerful and proprietary techniques have been developed to reduce data use, an investment that has resulted in a vastly more economical solution than those offered by our competitors.


Customer privacy and the protection of sensitive data being transmitted over the Internet are of paramount importance. The FishText protocol has been designed from the ground up to not only be efficient, but also highly secure. Proprietary encryption algorithms protect data sent and received from end to end for complete peace of mind, so you can use FishText with confidence.

We're in the f'book!


FishText features built-in redundancy to protect customers from a range of possible service interruptions in the real world. At the application level, FishText automatically negotiates hostile networks and is updated with new connection information remotely. At the server level, FishText features automatic failover to provide a continuous service in the event that primary servers become unreachable.


By harnessing the power of proprietary global SMS routing systems, FishText offers a superior quality of service at its price point when compared to rival services. Automatic failure investigation detects undelivered messages and performs automated testing, before resolving the issue transparently to the consumer.

Verified Coverage

By automatically verifying connections to networks around the globe, FishText subscribers are more likely to have success reaching their recipients when compared to rival services. Not relying on third party coverage information removes another point of failure, maintaining routing integrity and delivery reliability.

Integrated Payments

FishText's comprehensive security features make fully integrated card payments on mobile devices practical and safe. For added security, cards can be stored by the FishText server for use at a later date, preventing the need to retransmit sensitive information at each point of purchase.