Unleash Your Mobile's Potential

Almost all mobile phones can access the Internet, and that's how FishText works. Using state-of-the-art compression FishText sends your messages, encrypted and securely, to FishText servers where they are delivered quickly and reliably to the recipient. Visit our Data Charges Guide in the Help section to see how little it costs to use FishText .

Free To Other Members

If you're sending a message from FishText to another FishText user who is online, we can deliver your message completely free of charge. So save even more money by inviting the people you text most to use FishText - just click 'Send to friend'.
Hi, that's Fish and I'm Text.
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Real Text Messages

FishText sends real text messages that can be received by mobile phones all over the world. You can use FishText to send messages to over 200 countries at a fraction of the cost charged by your own network operator, and receive free delivery confirmations.

We're in the f'book!

Take Financial Control

Get messages that last until you use them, not just until the end of the month. Top up inside FishText on your mobile, on the web or even by premium rate text message. With messages costing around 90% less than standard network rates the potential savings are huge, whether you're texting someone over the road or on the other side of the world.